Rewire your Thinking!

Jonathan Michael is a whip-smart, whip-cracking, wish-granting genie. I don't know what your goals might be -- become a better person, a better lawyer, a better runner -- but there's no excuses with Jonathan, because I'm pretty sure he can read your … [Continue Reading]

Well, you’ve done it now!

Hi Jonathan, Well, you've done it now. You've turned the final lock on the door I've been staring at for most of my life; wondering what's behind it but never having permission to try the knob. I didn't sleep much last night, imagining what my … [Continue Reading]

Convergence and The Birkman Method®

"One of the most important challenges we face in the modern age is to cause convergence among the disparate tendrils of our life's activities. The Birkman enables a person to identify the key underlying themes in a person's character and spirit. … [Continue Reading]

Deep Insight

"Jonathan is a man of impressive ability, robust optimism, and genuine compassion. He also has gift for keen and deep insight into both people and situations. He is one of the key people in my life whom I seek both for the sheer pleasure of his … [Continue Reading]

Life Altering

"The experience of The Birkman Method® coaching sessions with Jonathan Michael have been truly life altering. When we first spoke, I was astonished at his insight into who I am and what motivates me. Not only has he helped me to have a more thorough … [Continue Reading]

Integral Creativity

"Jonathan, I can't thank you enough for your insight. I felt like what you shared with me yesterday will change my life— my creative side has been validated as an integral part of my person— not just a part-time hobby! As soon as I got home, I sat … [Continue Reading]